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Dr. Sharon Wright Austin 


Sharon Wright Austin is the Director of the African American Studies Program and an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida.  She is a former associate professor of political science and black studies at the University of Missouri, Columbia and has also taught courses at the Universities of Michigan and Louisville and at Yale University.

Dr. Austin received a doctorate in political science from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 1993. Her teaching interests are in American Government, Urban Politics, and African American Politics and her research interests are in African American mayoral elections, rural African American political activism, and African American political behavior.  


.She is also the author of two books - Race, Power, and Political Emergence in Memphis, The Transformation of Plantation Politics in the Mississippi Delta: Black Politics, Concentrated Poverty, and Social Capital in the Mississippi Delta.  In addition, she has published scholarly articles in the National Political Science Review, The Political Research Quarterly, The Journal of Black Studies The Social Science Quarterly, and Politics and Policy.  She has also written several book chapters.  Currently, she is completing her third book, The Caribbeanization of Black Politics: Race, Group Consciousness, and Political Participation in America. 







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