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John W. Chambers, Jr., Ph.D.


Over the past 35 years Dr. Chambers have served in a number of positions in the federal government and in universities.  I served as a research administrator at the National Institute of Education in Washington, DC, and held various faculty positions at Howard University, University of Maine at Augusta, Fayetteville State University, North Carolina Central University, and Florida A&M University.  For the past 23 years I have been a tenured professor of psychology at Florida A&M University.  I received the B.A. degree in psychology from Wabash College, and the M.A. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Cincinnati.  In addition, I was the recipient of a William T. Grant Post-Doctoral Fellowship to the Center for Research in Human Learning at the University of Minnesota.   

My academic training and research are in the areas of health psychology, research design and statistical analyses. I have developed research methods and statistic courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels that include SPSS.  I have also taught course in health psychology, cognitive development, and stress management.  My research interests are two-fold, stress management and HIV/AIDS with a focus on community intervention and education.  The stress research examines the constellation of factors that are associated with how people cope with stress and the impact stress has on physical and mental health.  The HIV/AIDS research examines risk factors for HIV transmission. I have collaborated with a colleague on a project with the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church in the Republic of South Africa that examines the relationship between HIV intervention activities of the AME Church, knowledge of HIV transmission and behavioral risk factors.







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