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Margie Jordan 


Director/ Travel & Tourism

CEO at Jordan Executive Travel Service (JETS) | Social Media Geek  

A travel agent that fell in love with Africa. While Africa truly is my first love, there are other amazing
places that captivate me as well. India, Australia, Asia, Europe and the islands.

Margie smiles as she exclaims, “ I must admit that I do love to cruise and I take every opportunity to tour the new ships, when I can.  As a travel professional and agency owner, I believe vacations should be taken every year

Margie creates custom itineraries for those that desire more than a hotel room and an airline ticket.Designing luxury travel experiences are my specialty. Have a group? With the stroke of a pen, custom itineraries are built for groups large and small.”  

I'm a techy, geeky, kind of person; who trains travel agents to market themselves using social media. I'm a regular speaker at Travel Weekly's Cruise World and Leisure World conferences as well as OSSN's Home-based Travel Agent Forum. Lastly, I'm a travel blogger.” 

What do I write about? You guessed it - Africa. You'll also find reviews and thoughts on my personal travels.” 


Margie’s Travel Agent's Bucket List:

-Spend a long weekend on Little Palm Island
-Take a private plane to a luxury villa in the Caribbean
-Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
-Travel through Namibia, Antarctica and Cuba
-Learn Spanish, French & Italian (fluently)

Volunteer overseas
-Live abroad

Margie’s Specialties:

South FUNDI Expert
Tanzania Specialist
Luxury Travel Specialist
Avalon Waterways Specialist
Princess Cruise Commodore
Cunard Cruise Commodore
Caribbean Destination Specialist
Hawaii Destination Specialist
France Destination Specialist
Las Vegas Certified Expert
Hyatt Resorts Specialist
Starwood Hotels Pro
Regent Seven Seas Specialist









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