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Omar Stewart

I was born and raised in Muskegon Heights, Michigan.I grew up in a small urban city where a church or liquor store was placed on every neighborhood corner. The entire community was educated within the same school district and celebrated the same customs. Everyone had great pride in the school district’s mascot,“The Mighty Tiger”; it represented the community’s childhood and was symbolic of how they defined themselves, fears.As the oldest of 4 children, I was forced to be beyond my age early. I was curious and often ran people away because I loved to ask questions. I wanted to make meaning of the social objects in my life. My analytical mind led me to become engaged in community activism in my city, and a desire to study sociology. I enrolled in college in 2010 at Florida A&M University.

 At FAMU I have become a member of the university’s marching band, participated in music ensembles, and joined a mentoring organization, Big Brother Little Brother. College, thus far, has been a learning experience for me. It has provided me the time, place, and resources to figure out how I want to practice living in the future. I love being black, because historically, black people have experienced oppression, but managed to live a creative life. After undergrad I plan to study sociology, and different forms of art in hopes of one day broadening the perspectives of young minds.






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