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Robert Conners


Dr. Conners is Vice President of Infoworks Research, a Tallahassee-based, government and business consulting firm.  He received his doctorate from the Florida State University in Counseling Psychology in 1989.  Early in his career while employed at FSU, he initiated the university’s National Achievement Program for minority scholars, the first at a predominantly-White institution in the southeastern U.S. During the eighties, he received a $1 million grant from the Florida Board of Regents to develop and implement a pilot program at FSU to increase minority enrollment in higher education.  In 1984, he was appointed by FSU’s President to the President’s Ad Hoc Committee on the Student Athlete which made recommendations on behalf of student athletes subsequently adopted by the NCAA. In 1985, he co-authored a book chapter with the late FSU Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Bob Leach, for a Jossey-Bass special edition.  Titled Pygmalion on the Grid-iron, the chapter examined the plight of Black student athletes at predominantly-White universities and made recommendations for student services to better serve their particular needs.


As a result of these and other efforts on behalf of minority students, in 1991 Dr. Conners was invited to join the Florida State University’s Black Studies Program faculty where he directed program research and taught both graduate and undergraduate courses on race relations, the dynamics of racism and oppression, inequality and race, and multicultural perspectives in education.  From 1991 through 1993, as the Program’s director of research, he supervised a U.S. Department of Justice grant project investigating sources of minority overrepresentation in Florida’s juvenile justice system and worked with Black Studies Program staff to deliver a highly successful, three-year, academic skill development project for African American public school students enrolled in Tallahassee schools.   In 2002, he left FSU to join MGT of America, a government consulting firm, where he conducted or participated in 19 disparity study projects investigating state and municipal governments’ utilization of minority-owned businesses in government contracting.  He also directed a six year, longitudinal evaluation of the State of New York’s special education services, the most thorough analysis of special education ever conducted at the state level.  From 2007 through 2012, he served as Director of Research for the Florida Commission on Human Relations, Florida’s civil rights agency, where he directed research related to majority/minority group inequality in Florida


Dr. Conners is a published author and has been an invited lecturer and speaker, presenting before more than 75 professional bodies and forums around the nation on topics dealing with educational inequality, race relations and social justice.  His research and presentations are informed by a theory of the dynamics of societal oppression developed during his tenure with Black Studies. In response to a recent request from the University Press of Florida, he is authoring a manuscript for a book explaining the dynamics of modern race relations and inequality in America, due at year’s end.






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